12 Step Scriptures FAQ

1. Will 12 Step Scriptures be outlining scriptures for us to read?

Nope. You pick the scriptures you read and you pick the pace. I recommend that you purchase a new copy of the Bible or Book of Mormon that has no other annotations in it. Start at the beginning and study for a set time everyday, marking the passages that relate to the topics on the color code book mark with the corresponding pen. 

2. Why should I participate in 12 Step Scriptures?

A lot of people wonder why they need to do the 12 Steps when they have the gospel of Jesus Christ. They think, isn't it the atonement that really heals us? I have found no other way to access the atonement in a useful and practical way than by working the steps. As I have studied 12 step principles in the scriptures and conference talks, I've felt God's strength and power in my life. If you are wondering if 12 steps is the only way to really access the atonement of Christ, you will find answers as you prayerfully study the scriptures.

3. Is there a certain way to mark or study?

Nope. The only important thing is that you have the free color code book mark and 12 Step Scriptures study pens. Which scriptures you study, the amount of time you study each day and how you mark them is up to you. 

4. How often should I study?

Everyday. I do a chapter a day. Some people choose to do an amount of time, like 10 minutes. The amount of time or pages doesn't matter so much as the consistency of doing it everyday.